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    Athletic Registration

    EduTrak provides real-time eligibility alerts and reduces headaches associated with gathering student emergency card data, collecting payments, league questionnaire and other registration forms.  Use our Data Bridge technology and sync with your Student Information System (SIS) and further reduce parent registration time. Don’t guess about eligibility, know for sure!

    Providing Solutions to the Education Marketplace

    Administrator Benefits

    Need a better approach to managing your students’ eligibility to participate,  reduce handling mounds of paperwork/forms and easily collect and track payments?


    Need help getting rosters out to coaches in a timely fashion and providing them better visibility into which students are eligible to participate?


    Your coaches deserve real-time information regarding their team.


    We can help you in other areas besides activity registration.  You can process orders and payments for spirit wear, activity passes, fan bus tickets, fines etc.   You get the idea.


    Do you want to make it easier for parents to manage their student’s activity history online, and make online registration and payments?


    Our customers like our solutions and here’s why