Flexible Tuition Management

EduTrak Software brings you a state-of-the art tuition management system that is fully integrated with PowerSchool! Parents can now see both their tuition balance and past and future payments from the same place they go to see grades and other key student information. Our advanced billing and contract management features are the ideal way to manage your school’s tuition payments. Administrators, staff, and parents have access to the information they need, and can be ready for any surprises life throws their way. Our School Software provides all features a school needed.

Flexible Billing

• Create custom payment plans on the dates you want
• ACH or Debit or Credit Card options
• Batch payment and fee processing
• Easily apply scholarships and grants

Information You Need

• Customizable tuition contracts
• Aging and receivables reports
• Delinquency Management
• Cash Flow forecasting

Simplified Parent Portal

• Real-Time contract submission and payment
• Parents can see balance and make payments right
inside of PowerSchool
• Split family billing
• Print tax reimbursement documents
• Easily modify payment schedules to meet life’s suprises


With offices in Bloomington, Minnesota and Boulder, Colorado, EduTrak Software is a subsidiary of Advanced Payment Technologies. Our experienced team brings more than a decade of expertise to development and delivery of ecommerce and payment software solutions.


  • EduTrak Software – Minnesota
    8011 34th Ave. S
    Suite 305
    Bloomington, MN 55425

  • EduTrak Software – Colorado
    1600 Range St.
    Suite 105
    Boulder, CO 80301

  • 1-800-365-7270

  • info@edutrak.com

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