Child Care Billing Solution

School Age Childcare Billing & Attendance

EduTrak advanced billing and attendance feature is ideal for managing child care program for school aged children as well as infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Other programs where fees are due based on a student’s attendance in a program (private music lessons, tutoring, etc) will also find the billing and attendance software easy to use.

Key Features of Child Care Program

  • Participant Family members
  • Medical / Allergies for each child
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Bill before or after attendance period
  • Daily or Hourly Rates
  • Charges generated weekly, biweekly, monthly
  • Non-School Day/Holiday Rates
  • Allow Drop-in attendance
  • Batch payment
  • Batch attendance entry/edit
  • Parent portal for bill pay, schedule adjustments, receipts, tax statements
  • Invoice generation
  • Flex account statements
  • Custom registration forms
  • Rosters, sign in/out sheets

Benefits for Administrators

  • Variety of billing options and ability to support drop-ins
  • Tracks attendance for billing purposes
  • Control what parents have access to when updating future attendance schedules
  • Receive and process payments in a batch mode vs one payment at a time
  • Attendance rosters (mobile version coming soon)
  • Invoice generation process
  • Ability to charge for childcare hourly, per session or drop-in
  • Emergency card data – mobile version available for field trips

Benefits for Parents

  • Real-time enrollment, confirmation, and payment
  • Immediately know if sports physical date is valid during registration process
  • Automatic discounts for free and reduce lunch status and family max
  • Maintain any previous emergency card data and completed state league forms online for a quick review and update
  • Access at any time registration history, orders placed, and documents / forms completed online
  • Browseable activity catalogs that are tailored for students by location, grade, and gender
  • Fewest clicks from login to checkout
  • Easy to navigate and offers step by step registration progress status bar
  • Save registration progress and return later

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