EduTrak understands the unique needs that large private schools have from both the administrator side and the parent side. Parents have a choice of where they send their children to school and spend their hard-earned dollars. EduTrak can provide tools to make your staff more efficient, but maybe more importantly, to provide a quality experience to your parents and community, reflecting well on your institution and helping cement long-term relationships.

Our unrivaled service and support are always available to you, and we will work hard to quickly and easily solve any issues that should arise. If your administrators feel over-worked and understaffed, lacking the software solutions to make their jobs more efficient, or worse, working with multiple solutions that are not aligned with each other or your own system, EduTrak can alleviate these pain points and provide a simple, one-system solution for all of your payments requirements.

The best part is parents will only need one login and password to access multiple payment requirements.

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