Flexible Billing, the Yoga of Payment Software

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While education is the most important aspect of schools, we cannot undervalue the importance of simple and flexible billing for school administration. Whether it’s parents paying for tuition, food services, athletic activity, or extracurricular activity, a school’s ability to receive and reconcile payments quickly and easily is a key factor in a smoothly operating educational institution. 

Let’s explore how EduTrak’s state-of-the-art tuition management system can help both the parents and the business office of your school. 

Parents Come First 

Many school payment systems require a parent to log in to different programs depending on the type of payment they want to make—one for tuition, food service, athletics, theater, etc. This is time-consuming and irritating for the parents, especially if they have multiple students in different grades going to different schools.  

Using a simplified parent portal, such as EduTrak’s payment solution, parents only need one login ID and password to handle all of their payment requirements for all students regardless of grade. After logging in, the parent can see their student’s tuition balance as well as past and future payments, all in the same location they can go to see grades and other key information. 

The EduTrak payment software provides real-time contract submission and payment processing, allows for split family billing, the ability to print tax reimbursement documents, and is able to accept ACH, debit, or credit card payments.  

The system is also set up for easy modification of payment schedules in the event of any unexpected life events that can occur.  

Parents have enough happening in their, and their students’, lives. If your school can make the ability to complete and manage payments for their education easier, parents will appreciate it greatly and be more likely and willing to take care of payments quicker.  

Let’s Not Forget School Administrators 

Making parents happy is certainly the primary goal of school administrators but lest we forget, administrators are people too, and providing them with the tools to accomplish their work effectively and efficiently is important.  

EduTrak’s flexible billing, single payment solution allows the business office to create custom tuition contracts and payment plans for parents, even allowing for personalized date planning for payments. It is also easy to apply scholarships and grants directly with our software. 

Once the parent-facing portion is set up, the next benefit of using payment software should be the ability for the business office to batch payments and fee processing in one location and then reconcile those payments into one deposit. All of this simplifies the workload as well as makes the accounting for payments much easier because there are fewer transactions to process.  

The EduTrak solution also provides aging and receivable reports, delinquency management as well as cash flow forecasting.  

EduTrak’s advanced billing and contract management features are the ideal way to manage your school’s tuition payments. Administrators, staff, and parents have access to the information they need and can take care of business in one location.  

Class Dismissed – Let’s Discuss How EduTrak Can Help You 

EduTrak’s primary mission is to make a school administrator’s life easier. By creating a software solution that offers flexible billing, we’ve achieved that goal. Now, we’re ready to discuss how we can make it so for you.  

EduTrak is more than software for your school—we are your business partner in education. We are here to deliver unique personalized solutions tailored to your school’s specific needs. Together, we will discuss your needs to ensure a smooth EduTrak transition. Contact us today.  

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