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eStore with mPOS

One of the best School fee payment software & School Fee Collection Software make it easy for students and families to pay for all school fees, activities, services and products online for every fee on every campus!

eStore Provides Every Payment Option for Today’s Schools

  • Athletics and activities including custom forms tied to the payment
  • School fines and fees integrated with many SIS systems
  • Complete spirit wear sales and inventory tracking
  • Food service and lunch payments
  • Reserved seat and GA ticketing with box office and door scanning
  • Affordable fundraising
  • Recurring billing for school age child care, insurance, trips, and more
  • Product templates for parking permits, field trips and more
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eStore Features for School Administrators

Here is a partial list of eStore features for school administrators:

  • Custom online catalog:create a listing of classes, services and products
  • Recurring billing:schedule and generate recurring transactions based on selected data. Charge the same amount for every period or change the recurring amount for a selected period.
  • Multiple accounting attributes:each class, fee, product, or service can be associated with multiple attributes such as account, department or budget code  for tracking and reporting functionality
  • Configurable security levels:gives school administrators a wide variety of security access and control
  • Customized look and branding of public site:allows you to use your school logo, colors, slogan and much more to create the look and feel that’s right for you!
  • Summary reports:select by individual card number, department, account code, User ID, student ID, transaction, or much more

eStore Features for Families and Students

For families and students, eStore provides flexibility and ease of use:

  • Individual payment account:users can set up their own accounts to make payments, view payment reports, review scheduled transactions, and more!
  • Integrated with many SIS systems: including single sign-on with those SIS systems that support it
  • Transaction history:users can easily browse past transactions with a simple click of the mouse
  • Browse the school’s offerings:users can bypass the login process and browse through the site, selecting classes, services, or products to place in their shopping cart. At the time of purchase, they will be required to log in, or register for a new account.

eStore Features for All Users

Both administrators and family/student users will benefit from the following features:

  • Customize e-mail templates and receipts
  • Customizable administrative security levels
  • Best In class encryption
  • Customized reports and e-confirmations
  • Easy import/export capability
  • Direct integration with many SIS systems
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