Your Challenges and Our Solutions
Your Challenge:​

Spending way to much time chasing down parents to complete forms correctly and make payments​

Our Solution:​

Our system provides custom forms and workflow all integrated into a single system. Parents need to complete all the steps in the registration process defined by your activity department​

Your Challenge:​

Coaches are calling the activity office because they are not sure which students are cleared to practice or play​

Our Solution:​

With EduTrak, coaches can review and print real-time rosters and have access to eligibility status on a PC/Mac or Smart Mobile device​

Your Challenge:​

Coaches have turned in their cut players or quit list and I need an easy way to refund their activity fee​

Our Solution:​

Use our batch refund process and pull up a list of students in an activity and only cancel / refund the required students​

Your Challenge:​

Concerns that a player’s health records may have changed from last year and we may not have reliable information​

Our Solution:​

We maintain a record of each registration and how the parent completed the students’ health questionnaire in a previous season​

Your Challenge:​

Want to avoid being disqualified from tournaments because of technicalities like student transfer into district date

Our Solution:​

Using our Data Bridge technology we can easily synchronize all the critical data you need to make decisions anywhere and anytime


With offices in Bloomington, Minnesota and Boulder, Colorado, EduTrak Software is a subsidiary of Advanced Payment Technologies. Our experienced team brings more than a decade of expertise to development and delivery of ecommerce and payment software solutions.


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