A Single Solution for Your Payment System

Private school students entering school that uses a payment system

When parents pay to send their children to a private school, they have very high expectations for the quality of care and services they will receive. They expect a stress-free experience with online access to pay tuition, set up meal plans, and pay for athletics, theater, or other extracurricular activities. 

As administrators, you should be able to quickly reconcile all of the incoming student data and payments while also delivering that seamless experience. This will ensure that your school operates as smoothly as possible.  

This may sound like a simple process, right? Well, it’s not simple if you’re using multiple vendors.  

It is if you use EduTrak, the single software payment solution for educational institutions. We provide the tools to make your staff more efficient. What’s even more important, is that we provide a quality experience to the parents and community which reflects well on your institution and helps establish concrete long-term relationships. 

Let’s look at how EduTrack does this.  

Challenges are Just Opportunities 

EduTrak understands that as a private school administrator you may feel overworked, understaffed, and without the resources necessary to support software solutions for your problem. This often leads to making the choice of selecting multiple vendors. Each of these vendors’ solutions will not align on the backend, making it much more difficult for your school office to reconcile. This will only make things complicated and more difficult for your staff.  

Additionally, parents do not want to be forced to log on to multiple systems where they have to remember yet another ID and password. As soon as a parent is confused or can’t navigate the system, it results in parents contacting the front office for support. These types of issues simply increase the amount of work that administrators have to handle at the business office. Also, your staff is taken away from their already busy schedule. This means…well, you get the idea.  

However, EduTrak provides a single-source solution for all your institution’s payment needs. Consider having an in-depth account management system for tuition, food services, athletics, and much more. Here’s the best part, parents can log onto one software system to take care of all of their student(s) expenses.  

If you had the choice of a since platform (vendor) to manage student account data as well as accounting that allowed your staff to reconcile funds easily, wouldn’t that make your day? 

Solutions and Service 

Purchasing the best-in-class (no pun intended) software covering all aspects of your school payment needs is only the first part of the equation. The second is outstanding customer service.  

It goes without saying—but we’ll mention it anyway—if you or the parents of the students have to call multiple vendors to solve problems when making payments, that alone is a problem. Wouldn’t you rather offer parents a single solution?  

Wouldn’t you rather be able to receive responsive support from your customer success manager who will guide you to a solution if a problem arises? 

Unlike other companies, EduTrak is a partner that ensures all aspects of your payment system function properly while providing continual customer support. We make sure you understand our system’s unified experience and its simplicity. Additionally, we’ll make sure you understand how to handle all of the accessibility our platform offers.  

We do more than just promise the productivity of your staff, we offer solutions that are specifically designed for quick implementation paired with a full-service development team.  

EduTrak minimizes the impact on your team (as well as the parents) during the transition to and in the use of our software. Additionally, it means that we can be more effective and productive when it comes to the different school payments you need to collect. This allows you and your staff to focus on other important matters.    

Schedule a Discovery Meeting 

Call us to schedule your Discovery Meeting, we’ll review all your needs so you can educate your staff, making a smooth transition to EduTrak.  

We’ll prepare a customized demo suited to your needs along with our proposal.  

Ultimately, you will experience a single, streamlined solution that fits the needs of your school system. 

EduTrak is more than software for your school—we are your business partner in education. We are here to deliver unique personalized solutions tailored to your school’s specific needs. Together, we will discuss your needs to ensure a smooth EduTrak transition. Contact us today.  

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