ePayCafe Lunch Cashier System

Introducing ePayCafe Solution LCS

ePayCafe is a robust school lunch accounting software that is designed for all types of schools, large, small, public and private. This product can be tailored to the needs of the school or district. Because this is a fully web based solution, it is easy to deploy and maintain.

Web based Solution

All of our solutions are web based or have a web based option. This makes the LCS line of products usable on virtually any HTML5 capable device. You do not need to worry about troublesome installations or user access problems. LCS runs on MAC, Windows, Linux, Android and old and new equipment. Depending on your deployments selections, you may be able to run the system from home.

ePayCafe LCS1000

ePayCafe not only keeps your information safe in the cloud, we synchronize your data to our preloaded localized network appliance. This appliance allows your lunch lines to run fast and is not dependent on your internet speed. Cloud only based solutions can only run as fast as your internet allows, plus you have no back up when your internet goes down. With the LCS1000 in house, as long as your network is up, you can keep your lunch lines up and running fast without missing a step.

Virtual Machine License

Mayflower can be deployed in your virtual host environment. We have images for all virtual technologies, VMware, Xen, VirtualBox and more. If your environment is not on our supported list, we will build out an image.

Cloud License

Our LCS can be deployed as an entirely cloud based solution with the proper license. We are able to provide the same excellent experience that you would expect on your own network, using our cloud as your backbone.

Data Bridge

Our unique data bridge was developed to easily pull your student and family information from your SIS into ePayCafe so both systems contain the same information. No dual entry or manual effort is needed.

Free and Reduced Module

Our free and reduced module is hands down the best in lunch software solutions. With our free and reduced timeline, automated application and letter generation, and comprehensive reporting, we can eliminate days of work for your administrative team. We can also streamline reporting requirements for your state, including the proper reports to make your reimbursement claims easier.

Family Access

With the LCS system, family users like mom, dad, guardians, and so on can log in and view meal history, make payments and manage their accounts. Eliminate the need for phone calls to request statements or other information. With online access, parents have the ability to see what’s going on at any time. Plus each account can have more than one parent connected to an account and each parent can be connected to many accounts, no restrictions to one user per account.

Balance Notification

Low balance email notifications that are custom to each and every family are sent out nightly. This assures your school that payments are coming in advance and that the parents are informed about their accounts.

Low balance phone calling is also very effective and will get your school collecting money fast.

Reporting and Charts

We understand that food service reporting is critical to the administration and success of your schools. Not only can we provide an extensive offering of reports in the software for cash sales reporting, free and reduced, line reports, etc. we will work with you to make sure you are getting the information you need from your software.