Credit Card Processing


Providing clearing and settlement of credit card transactions to schools, government agencies and education providers

All payment services provided through Advanced Payment Technologies, LLC – a registered ISO/MSP of Synovus, Columbus, Georgia.

At EduTrak we understand that schools are a unique environment for taking payments and have designed a program that makes it fast and simple for schools to get started taking credit cards. Our streamlined application process combined with the fact that we do not require schools to change their existing banking relationships makes for a truly turn-key program!

Our Broad Range of Services Include:

  • ePayTrak 4.0 fully integrated school payment software
  • Dial-up terminal plus both Windows and Macintosh-based software applications for merchant bankcard processing
  • Integrated point of sale ATM debit card and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) processing
  • Address Verification Service (AVS)
  • Corporate and purchasing card processing
  • E-commerce solutions (bankcard and electronic check processing) for internet merchants
  • Audio Response Unit (ARU) transaction processing via telephone
  • LAN solutions allowing multiple terminals to use a single phone line for card processing
  • High-speed dial-up phone line solutions for processing high volumes of authorizations
  • Batch processing solutions that process up to 250,000 transactions per file
  • If your school is currently accepting credit card payments from students and their parents, chances are we can save you money on your processing fees, as well as time and labor processing and reconciling your transactions

Contact us today to find out how accepting electronic payments offer better service to your students AND streamlines your accounting and bookkeeping procedures!

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